About Insidelife247

Hello people, my name is Ngozi Mmadu(Diamond mama). Bringing you news and happenings around the wrold. 

I guess you would like to know more about me; I'm a Nigerian born, base in Sweden. A beautiful wife to Mr Mmadu and a lovely mother of four adorable kids. I'm an educationist by profession so let's say I'm here to educate you, 🤣 just kidding. OK, so Insidelife is a website for news, entertainment, inspiration etc. 
Basically, Insidelife247 is here to bring you happenings in our world.  Lots of things are going on around the globe, the good, the bad and the ugly, and we are here to bring them closer to you without stress. And hey 🤚🏾 we move with positive vibes so expect more good news 🤗.

Also check out stories on "My Stories" where people share their personal stories and experiences. The intention is for you to learn from other people's experiences. Experience they say is the best teacher but, when you learn from your experience then you are smart and when you learn from others experience then you are wise. 

As a blogger, social media is like my second home and of course I love spending quality time with my family. Dancing 💃 is my hubby,  and I'm a good dancer😜. Cooking  yes, watching movies, and helping the children in school work. Most important thing for me is creating good memories with my family and people around me.

 Alright guys, that's enough for now. I'm open to questions so if you have any questions, feel free to contact @  And if you want to share your story or experience with us do contact us with the same email adress.