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"I emptied my account to set up a cosmetic business and a photo studio for her, see how she is paying me back"

He said his wife's attitude changed dramatically from the moment he told her he lost his job. According to him, She speaks to him anyhow, insults him at every given opportunity, and now she doesn't even give him food...

A woman confessed using her menstruation blood to prepare nkwobi for her husband as her means of punishment for cheating on her

 I was very bittered. Even if my husband want to sleep with another woman definitely not my own friend. So I started thinking on how best to punish him and cooking for him with my period was the only thing that came on my mind. 

I found birth control pills in my wife's wardrobe and we have been looking for a child for 5 years meeting different doctors for solution

Is not that she's pursuing any career. Is not that I'm poor that I can't afford to take good care of children. By God's grace I am very comfortable. Her reason for taking pills is totally out of line. How can a woman say she doesn't want to get pregnant because she is

"I have been married to my wife for 14 years, have 3 kids all boys but none of them belongs to me

5years before I met my wife, I was involved in a car accident with two of my friends, our car skidded off the road. I was the only survivor of that accident, I spent about 11months in the hospital and that left me with a condition that says I can't have children. I gave my life to Jesus Christ and became a committed Christian after the incident. In summary I became