December 5, 2022

Authorities in India has disclosed that at least 650 Nigerians involved in the drug trade have been deported since 2019 by the Goa State government in India as part of the state’s drive against drug trafficking.

Goa is a state on the southwestern coast of India within the Konkan region.

According to IsL source, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Wednesday, while speaking to reporters at the Goa Police headquarters in Panaji, out of the 700 Nigerians staying there, only 50 were left and they could be deported in order to control drug trafficking.

“Earlier 700 Nigerians were staying illegally, now only 50 are remaining. We could deport them. The Anti-Narcotics Cell is working on the best way to control drug trafficking,” the chief minister said.

“The nation should be drug-free. To ensure zero tolerance of drugs in India, we should work as a team. The home ministry has taken note of Goa’s detention centre and has told other states to create similar ones for foreigners, the way we do,” he said.

The state’s only detention centre is in Mapusa in North Goa, where foreigners involved in crimes, or caught for overstaying illegally, are housed until their deportation papers are processed.

Nigerians topped the category of foreign nationals caught in drugs- and narcotics-related offences in the state.

Discussing the drug trade in the state, Sawant said that most of the narcotics are brought into Goa by migrants.

“Labour category persons bring drugs like ganja and charas, among others by buses and trains. International tourists also bring drugs. To crack down on this, the government has taken steps. Last year, 161 cases were registered in this matter,” he said.

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