November 30, 2022

Abductors of passengers on Sunday including students of the University of Nigeria travelling to Nsukka along the Ugwuogo-Nike/Opi/Nsukka Road have reportedly demanded a ransom of N300 million.

Authorities are yet to confirm how many people were abducted on Sunday but eye witness at the incident alleged that the victims they were more than 10.

A relation of one of the victims told IsL source on Wednesday evening that the abductors contacted his family and demanded they should collectively raise N300 million to secure the release of the abductees.

According to the abductees relation, the kidnappers were seven in number and allegedly Fulani.

He said the abductors rejected the N500,000 offered as a ransom to secure the release of the students. They instead, asked them to start preparing for their burial if “we’ll even see their bodies to bury.”

“They are now threatening that they will kill all of them if the money is not complete.”

Source also learnt that some passengers were killed a few metres from the military checkpoint along Ugwuogo-Nike-Opi-Nsukka Road on Sunday.

The passengers were reportedly travelling in five vehicles when they were attacked by the gang.

Many of the passengers were students of the University of Nigeria, who were returning to school following the suspension of eight months of industrial action by lecturers and the subsequent resumption of academic activities, source reports

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