March 20, 2023

A former 2019 APC presidential aspirant in 2019, Chief Charles Udeogaranya has restated that Nigeria will be in good hands, if Mr. Peter Obi of Labour Party (LP) is elected as the next president of Nigeria.

IsL source reports that Udeogaranya made this assurance while relating that the unfortunate flooding disaster, which hit some parts of Nigeria is now an eye-opener for every doubting Thomases that Mr Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the upcoming 2023 presidential election is the most prepared candidate to confront Nigerian problems head-on.

The Chief also maintained that while the other two main stream political parties presidential candidates were asleep in their old age paralysis sick beds and clouded with cluelessness, Mr Peter Obi was everywhere, necessary to awaken the government of the day and contributing his token in dealing with the emergency, suspending his campaign and even risking his own life, because he cares for Nigeria.

Udeogaranya hinted that the unfortunate flooding incident with matters arising is a profound recognition of the fact that the Labour Party (LP) has presented to Nigerians a capable, healthy, sound-mined, determined, visionary and Gods fearing Presidential candidate in the person of Mr Peter Obi.

Source also gathered that the former 2019 APC presidential aspirant concluded by urging Nigerians to appreciate leaders in the mould of former president Olusegun Obasanjo, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, Pa ECK Clarke, Dr. Bitrus Pogu, High Chief John Nwodo and many others for pointing Nigerians in the right direction and “I, sincerely cannot thank them enough as they help Nigerians in the critical and decisive moments to achieve a better Nigeria”


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