November 30, 2022

In what would be termed a long queue have emerged in Lagos on Monday, 24 of October 2022 in most patrol station in Lagos as residents of Lagos were seen queuing for hours to buy patrol.

IsL observed that some filling stations, especially independent marketers, did not have the product to sell to motorists and other consumers with gallons containers

IsL source also reports that those with commercial stocks increased their prices, ranging between N200 and N250 per litre, depending on location.

The National Operations Controller, Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, IPMAN, Mr. Mike Osatuyi, who confirmed the development in a telephone interview with IsL source (Vanguard), attributed it to unsteady supply in the past few days.

He said as a result of the unsteady supply, depots prices have risen to between N175 and N180 per litre in Lagos and its environs.

According to him, “The situation has culminated in higher prices at the depots. Our members, who find it difficult to get the product, pay between N175 – N185 per litre. Consequently, we are compelled to sell at higher prices in order to cover cost.”

But recently the company had urged consumers not to panic in Abuja as it was working to restore stable supply.

It had stated: “The current queue situation in some parts of Abuja and its environs is as a result of delays in arrival of fuel trucks. This is happening as a result of heavy flooding that has submerged parts of the highway passing through Lokoja, Kogi State and also an incidence of a failed road section around Badegi-Agaie highway in Niger State.

“Consequently, vehicles, especially fuel tankers, are finding alternative roads to get to their intended destinations”.

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