December 2, 2022

The British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has unexpectedly performed some religious rituals on Tuesday before entering his new office at10 Downing Street, which is the official and executive office of the PM.

Sunak who emerged as the Tory leader yesterday was seen bringing some substance out of his trousers pocket and lit oil lamps placed outside his office.

Sunak is the youngest UK PM at the age of 42 and the first of Indian and Asian origin who became the leader of the Conservatives after securing more than 100 nominations as the minimum requirement.

He succeeded Liz Truss who defeated him in the summer leadership race and his first speech said the country is faced with “profound economic challenges,”

IsL source reportsSunak who served as a Chancellor under Boris Johnson’s government also said, “I pledge that I will serve you with integrity and humility and I will work day in day out to deliver for the British people.”

Coincidentally, Sunak’s emergence as PM and the Diwali, the festival of light celebrated by Indians across the globe occured at same period

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