March 20, 2023

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, in a statement signed by the Corps spokesperson, Olusola Odumosu, has disclosed that no fewer than 31 officials has been asanctioned for committing various degrees of offences and acts contrary to their job.

According to IsL source, the statement, Commandant-General Corps, Ahmed Audi, announced the approval by the Civil Defence, Corrections, Fire and Immigration Board, to discipline the 31 officers who committed various offences against their call of duty.Audi, who reiterated his determination not to allow errant officers to portray the corps in a bad light under his leadership, explained that the actions of the erring officers made it imperative to invoke internal disciplinary mechanisms by setting up disciplinary committees which carried out investigation and orderly room trials for various offences and spelt out recommendations of different sanctions to the board for approval.

Parts of the statement read, “Consequently, 31 officers and men involved in different acts deemed unbecoming of personnel of the Corps are to face different sanctions.“Among them, 15 are dismissed from service, nine (9) are to face compulsory retirement, seven (7) were given suspension while the remaining two are to face interdiction and demotion respectively.

“Further breakdown indicates that among the numbers dismissed includes one (1) ASC1, two (2) CCA, three (3) AIC, three (3) CA111, two (2) CA11, one (1) CA1, one (1) IC and one (1) AIC face dismissal and prosecution.

“The suspended officers include two (2) Deputy Commandants of Corps, three (3) Assistant Commandants of Corps, one (1) Assistant Superintendent of Corps II and one (1) CAII.

“The board also approved the interdiction of an Inspector of Corps (IC) and demotion of one (1) other Inspector of Corps (IC).

“The 31 affected personnel were sanctioned for offences ranging from job racketeering, conspiracy, extortion, forgery, absence without leave, dishonesty, economic sabotage among others.

“Following the disgraceful conduct of the concerned officers, the Commandant General has called on all personnel to uphold the Corps’ Standard Operating Procedure, Code of Ethics, discipline and adherence to Public Service Rules.

“He warned that the sanctions meted out to erring personnel should serve as a deterrent to others as unethical conduct will not be condoned in the Corps.

“The CG however promised to reward officers and men who excel in their various assignments as a motivation for good conduct and dedication to service.”


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