December 3, 2022

A Senior pastor of the African Church and Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Media, Richard Peters, has alleged that the governorship candidate of the Youth Progressives Party, (YPP) in Akwa Ibom state, Senator Obong Bassey Albert, popularly called OBA, has given approval to his supporters to create over 100 fake Facebook accounts which they use to blackmail and spread propaganda against his opponents, IsL source reports

This is as he denied allegations of cultism allegations levelled against him on the social media.

The clergyman in a statement made available to Journalists in Uyo, the state capital, alleged that supporters of OBA were deliberately out to tarnish the reputation of the PDP by invading comment sections of any Facebook post promoting the party.

The cleric disclosed that he had forwarded the screenshots of the comments and allegations to the state Commissioner of Police and other security agencies for investigations, alleging that their actions of OBA facebook warriors are result of lack of ideas and campaign strategies to win the minds of Akwa Ibom people who are religiously PDP faithful.

“I’m hopeful that the manipulators and those who shared will be invited to defend their claims or give further details to what they shared. It is my belief that the perpetrators will be brought to book.

“I have been informed that at the instance of Bassey Albert, he has given approval for the creation of about 100 fake Facebook accounts and pages to be used for blackmail and propaganda; this is as a result of their continuous lack of ideas.

“Their primary plan is to invade the comment section to discredit posts that promote the PDP using the fake accounts, and make comments aimed at maligning the writer and the piece. This will happen in the coming days, because they are bereft of ideas.

“Already, they have started using the fake accounts to blackmail me as a cultist. This is laughable. As a Priest, I have taken an oath not to belong to any cult group, with severe consequences attached to it. Hence, I cannot belong to any secret society. This is pure blackmail orchestrated from the camp of the YPP candidate.

“My insistence that OBA and his supporters should come out and tell what they have in stock for Akwa Ibom people had made me and my family their number one target for abuse and blackmail.

“Candidates aspiring for different positions should have ideas and plans in form of manifesto that the electorate can see and make informed decision, whether to vote for or against such a candidate. This is the practice in developed democracies, and must be applied anywhere democracy is adopted as a system of governance.

“But it is rather unfortunate that some candidates view governance as an entitlement that must be packaged and given to them on a platter of gold. They see it as a reward for “labour”, and not based on the need to effect change and contribute to nation building.

“With these fake accounts to be used for blackmail in the coming days, they have concluded within themselves that no outspoken person against them will be spared.

“However, Akwa Ibom people and the PDP will stand for justice, fair-play and engage in global best practices of electioneering” he said.

However, responding to the allegation, the media director to OBA campaign organisation, Mr Usoro Usoro refuted the allegations as nonsensical and ridiculous.

Usoro said “Why should I react to rumours? I hope he has shown you evidence. These are baseless allegations; it doesn’t make sense to say a senator of the Federal Republic will create 100 fake Facebook accounts for blackmail.

“Who is PDP candidate that OBA will waste time to blackmail? Senator Akpan is somebody who is known all over the world; somebody who has certificate. Is it someone who doesn’t have a certificate that the senator will go and waste his time to blackmail? This is nonsensical, it’s ridiculous. I am even surprised that you a professional will waste time to listen to such a comedian.”

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