November 30, 2022

Anthony Joshua,a British professional boxer of Nigeria origin and a two-time former unified world heavyweight champion, has expressed confidence that the long-awaited all-British fight with Tyson Fury will eventually happen.

The duo were recently in talks for a showdown in December weeks after Joshua lost his second consecutive fight to Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, source reports

Meanwhile, both boxers could not reach a deal to see a bout that would have been the biggest in the history of British boxing take place.

Joshua is, however, confident that the fight will take place regardless of the setbacks that has come the way of the fight.

The former two-time unified heavyweight champion said: “It will happen, it will happen. [We’re the] same generation come on.”

“Aside from the entertainment side, just as two competitors, two fighters, he’s definitely a fighting man and what people fail to realise – like they say ‘the social media stuff is annoying’ but culturally speaking from Tyson Fury’s culture, the Gypsy culture. You’ve watched the documentaries on Netflix and stuff it’s embedded in his culture.

“What we see is ‘why is he on social media?’ I know from growing up and being around that community as well, so I know that’s just how they call out fights and stuff, it’s nothing personal but from my culture, we don’t really deal with stuff like that we’re a bit more lowkey and handle our business so that’s where there’s a culture clash.”

It is, however, expected that both boxers will have a clash with different opponents before any bout between them take place.

Fury is scheduled to face Derek Chisora on December 3 at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium while Joshua is expected to be back in the ring with Dilian Whyte tipped to be his opponent upon return.

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