December 3, 2022

“You have Bassey who can’t build up, (Jurien) Timber who isn’t doing well and then you don’t have a controlling midfielder who wants to build up. Then it becomes quite difficult in the build-up and you don’t get to play football,” Dutch media outlet Soccernews quoted Sneijder as he reacts to Ajax’s poor form.

“You must have someone who can play the ball between the lines at (Steven) Berguis. I’ll put him on the defensive.

“Take Bassey out and put Alvarez back in line. Defending is all Alvarez can do. He can be very important to Ajax one backline.

“I’m not happy about Bassey in general, the defenders at Ajax can ay football well.

“That has always been a principle. I think he’s a bad defender and can’t football very well. It’s pretty silly that you can’t play football well when you play at Ajax,” he concluded.

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