November 30, 2022

A tanker explosion that occurred along Lokoja-Anyigba/Itobe Highway in the Ofu Local Government Area of Kogi Sate has been hisaid to be caused by a coal truck belonging to Dangote Company

Recall that IsL earlier reported how a roadblock set up by military personnel on the highway had caused a fatal accident that claimed many lives.

According to an eyewitness, the road was blocked by a diesel tanker whose phone was seized by the military personnel at the checkpoint.

“What really was that at that point? These checkpoints used to be there, all these military checkpoints. So what really happened was that one of the drivers, those tankers, whether one of his boys or the driver himself, collected his handset because he was making a call while coming to the checkpoint. When they collected his handset, they refused to give him and that was why he blocked the road. So while he was protesting, he decided to block the road,” the source said.

He continued: “When he blocked the road, other vehicles decided to find their ways to get across. So at that moment, a Dangote truck was carrying coal, and as the truck was coming, the vehicle had a failed brake and hit the tanker and the tanker was carrying diesel. And the tanker fell and all of the sudden, the fire ignited other cars that had been waiting to manoeuvre their ways.

“The number of casualties; those that we were able to detect are up to six people that got burnt to ashes. The numbers of cars that got burnt, we were able to count up to 16,” he added.

The source went on to say that no emergency services were available at the accident for more than two hours while he was there.

“As at the time I am reporting, I have not seen any Federal Road Safety or Fire Service, in fact there is nothing like rescue officials here. Though the police were here, there was nothing for them to do. The incident happened around 3pm and at the time I was reporting, it was around 5pm.”

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