January 28, 2023

The Kaduna State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has described the apology made by Governor Nasir El-Rufai to the Kaduna people as a meaningless, dishonest and cosmetic act without substance.

The PDP said the apology is not sincere considering the hardship El-Rufai has allegedly brought upon the people in the state.

The party disclosed this on Sunday in a statement signed by the Director of the Campaign Directorate of the party, Mal. Haruna Sa’eed.

The statement noted that it was absurd and ridiculous for the governor to pretend to apologise to the people he sacked from work without paying them their entitlements and those he rendered homeless after demolishing their houses and shops, say SaharaReporters

The party called on the governor to bury his head in shame and stop deceiving people with political apologies without restitution.

The statement also urged the Kaduna people to beware of the antics of the governor and vote out the APC in the 2023 general elections.

The statement read, “Some days back, Governor El-Rufai asked the people of Kaduna State to forgive him for his mistakes. He further asked the people of Kaduna State not to punish the APC in the 2023 elections for the mistakes he made since he will soon be leaving the seat. On the surface, this apology might look noble, but since El-Rufai has probably not heard of the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin, who admonished people not to ruin an apology with an excuse, this apology, apart from being made in a political gathering to suit itching ears, is bereft of honesty and sincerity.

“In addition to the fact that an apology followed by an excuse means that the same deliberate act could be repeated again, came at a time when it lacks substance and (is) offensive in context.

“More disingenuous is his attempt to separate his insensitive and intolerant mode of governance from his anointed candidate in 2023. It means he is repudiating the known democratic principles of governance as a continuous process. So sad!

“El-Rufai cannot deliberately and recklessly create hardship for the people of Kaduna state for eight years and then think that he can conveniently utter a political apology at the twilight of his tenure.

“At what point did he think an apology was appropriate? Was his apology targeted at those he sacked from work without paying them their entitlement? Those whose homes and businesses were demolished on the altar of aestheticism? Was his political apology targeted at the lives of millions of Kaduna people that he endangered when he made reckless and boastful statements on insecurity?

“Was his apology targeted at the millions of Kaduna people who, today, can’t go to their farms or even stay at their homes because of the pervasive insecurity in almost all parts of the state? Was his apology aimed at the bastardization of the state’s Civil Service, or his naked intolerance to those who dared to oppose him?

“El-Rufai can apologise severally before he leaves, but it won’t change the fact that his meaningless apology won’t revert the hardship and pain he brought to the people of Kaduna State. It rankles more that this apology came without restitution which smacks of only a cosmetic act without substance.

“Also, El-Rufai’s attempt to distance himself from his selected gubernatorial candidate of the APC is like a crude attempt to separate conjoined twins. They are one and the same. The fear that the people of Kaduna should even entertain it if the anointed candidate would not exceed his anointer in apathy.”

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