April 1, 2023

“It all started in Ngol Kok, a small village where from a very young age, my family passed on to me the values that identify the Cameroonian people. I understood that love for this country is eternal and that commitment is non-negotiable.

I remember how we watched the matches as a family. Only Cameroonians can understand what it means to us to see the Indomitable Lions play. That’s when I started dreaming of one day wearing the national team jersey. And now , after endless hours of training, perseverance, I can proudly say that I have fulfilled my great dream.

But every story, however beautiful it may be, has an end. And my story with the Cameroonian national team has come to an end. Players come and go, names are fleeting, but Cameroon comes before any person or player. Cameroon remains eternal and so does my love for the national team and for our people who have always supported us no matter how difficult the moment was.

My feeling will never change. My Cameroonian heart will continue to beat and wherever I go, I will always fight to lift the flag of Cameroon as high as possible.

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Atiku will win without Wike and his G-5 Governors ~Atiku camp

I will continue to support as a fan , just like the more than 27 million Cameroonians do at every match. I can only thank all those who trusted me and believed that I could add and contribute to this team. The nation first and forever.”

Credit: Ade Divine


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