February 2, 2023

President Muhammadu Buhari would be in the United States to honour President Joe Biden’s invitation as Biden hosts at least 49 African heads of state for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit between December 13 and 15, 2022.

The summit which will also be attended by the chairman of the African Union will be held in Washington DC.

The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit is one of Biden’s top foreign-policy priorities this year and would also be the first opportunity for his administration to showcase how it views U.S.-Africa relations after Donald Trump’s presidency.

IsL source, SaharaReporters gathered that the U.S. national security council senior advisor for the U.S.-Africa leader summit, Dana Banks, who disclosed the details about the summit during a briefing, said the three-day event would highlight how the American government and African nations are strengthening partnerships to advance their shared priorities.

Ms Banks said, “We aim to amplify African voices to collaboratively meet this era’s defining challenges, and really, while we leverage the best of America, including our government, our private sector, our civil society, our diaspora, to uplift and empower African institutions, citizens, and nations.”

According to her, the summit would also reflect the U.S. strategy towards sub-Saharan Africa, which emphasises the critical importance of the region in meeting defining challenges.

It is believed that the summit comes at a crucial time in the U.S.-Africa relations as the two continents seek to recover from the global pandemic and face new economic and political pressures amid the Russia and Ukraine war.

Ms Banks explained that the summit is rooted in the recognition that “Africa is a key geopolitical player” that is shaping the present and would also shape the future.

“With one of the world’s fastest-growing populations, largest free trade area, most diverse ecosystems, and one of the largest regional voting groups in the United Nations, African contributions, partnerships, and leadership are essential to meeting this era’s defining challenges.

“The continent’s dynamic economies and populations really do provide the foundation for a bright future for the continent and the United States.”

The scheduled U.S.-Africa leader summit is said to be the biggest engagement in Washington DC since ex-president Barack Obama hosted African leaders in 2014

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