April 1, 2023

Gunmen have reportedly killed a retired squadron leader, Mrs. Hellen Godos, in the Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State.

IsL source, the Nation Newspaper reports that the incident occurred at about 8 pm on Christmas eve.

The assailants forced themselves into Godos’ residence after firing shots.

Her son was abducted but later released, while another person was shot.

The deceased’s relative, who escaped the attack, said the men positioned themselves around the house while four of them entered.

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They attempted to abduct the retired squadron leader’s son, but the woman resisted.

The source said: “In the process of pleading and trying to hold back her son from being kidnapped, one of the kidnappers pulled the trigger and shot the woman at close range.

“The woman died on the spot; another occupant was shot in his leg while the kidnappers went away with the son of the deceased.

“After the operation, the kidnappers, who came on motorcycles and a car, released several gunshots into the air again to aid their escape from the community.

“The incident caused such serious apprehension and tension that no one could come out of their houses one hour after the incident.”

The source said the incident was reported to security agencies, who along with hunters and vigilantes went on a trail of the attackers.

Media Information Officer for Operation Safe Haven (OPSH), Captain Oya James, confirmed the incident.

He said the son has been released while the manhunt for the perpetrators was ongoing.


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