February 2, 2023

Afrobeats super star Wizkid has opened up on his preference for hanging around older people, attributing his personal growth to it.

To buttress his point, Biz Wiz said when he was 11years, his best friend was over 40.

Speaking with 10 Magazine Australia, IsL source, Nation Newspaper gathered that Wizkid explained being a lone boy in a family of 12 siblings, he’d had a split temperament inside and outside the home.

“I was mad,” he said of himself in childhood, eyes glinting. “But I was quiet at home. You know, growing up as a man, I can’t really talk to my sisters about certain things and have certain conversations.”

Starboy looked to the street of Ojuelegba where you grew up, hanging out with older people in his hood.

According to him: “When I was 11 my best friend was, like, 40.

“He used to own a business down my street, and every time I’d come back from school I’d go sit with him, help him sell some stuff, chill.

“I’d always tell my mom about him so she told me to bring him to the house.

“When I brought him she saw one old man and was like, ‘What’s going on here!?’ Just hanging around grown people, seeing how life works, really helped me grow [up] faster.”

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