January 28, 2023

Kanye West‘s clothing line, Yeezy is facing eviction from its Los Angeles offices after the building’s owner accused the embattled rapper of owing at least two months rent.

According to newly filed court documents, IsL source Nation Newspaper reports that the office building’s owner, a company named CT Calabasas accused the West’s Yeezy of being behind in at least two months of rent totaling $63,254.

CT Calabasas requested Ye pay the late rent in full within 72 hours or face eviction from the property.

“Within three days after service of this notice on you, you must pay the amount of said rent in full or quit said premises and deliver up possession of the same to the authorized agent for your landlord,” the eviction notice, filed Tuesday, December 13, 2022 reads.

“If you fail to pay or quit, legal proceedings will be instituted against you for possession of the premises, forfeiture of the agreement, and for monetary damages as may be allowed by law.

“You are further notified that by this Notice the Landlord elects to and does hereby declare a forfeiture of said Lease if said rent is not paid in full within three (3) days.”

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The rap star reportedly leases 15,000 sq. feet of office space from CT Calabasas, with the majority of that space used for his design studio.

The space also reportedly includes production facilities for his Yeezy-brand clothing line, a recording studio for his music, and design spaces.

Kanye first leased the space in 2015 when his company was called West Brands Fashion.

He agreed to pay $31,477.40 per month at the time of the lease signing, and paid each month’s lease in full before missing this year’s November and December payments.

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