April 1, 2023
By Charles Awuzie

Life happens to everyone whether big or small, tither or non tither, religious or non religious, pastor or sinner – life happens. And when life happens, I’ve demonstrated that it is wise to show humanity. Be kind to people who are going through a tough time – don’t add to their pain.

The other rumour jumping from inbox to inbox is that they had their triplets via IVF – and if this is true, how is that NEWS? Is IVF something to be ashamed of?

To the religious community, stop treating issues of divorce or IVF as a secret. These things have a way of coming out and when they do, what should have been a testimony would become a scandal.

I stand with Pastor Ayo – at least, I’m not sure he has ever condemned IVF or said people shouldn’t divorce if their marriage turns toxic. His only problem is teaching that those who don’t pay tithes suffer in life. That’s not true – everyone suffers, everyone has a problem. But we encourage people to give out of love not to escape what is common to humanity. Pastors divorce, die, suffer reproductive Problems etc and these things are not spiritual but Evidence of our weak humanity.

I wish everyone takes life as it comes – embrace the fact that you will always have one problem or the other and that’s how life is. Stop running around looking for miracles – embrace Problems as part of life and keep living.



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