January 27, 2023

Former president Goodluck Jonathan’s aide Reno Omokri has accused presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, Mr Peter Obi of constantly visiting churches simply to aid his political ambition.

He claimed Obi has been going to churches only to secure votes in the forthcoming elections.

He referenced the bible in faulting the former Anambra governor’s visits to churches ‘for votes’, noting christ physically dealt with and chased away those who tried to desecrate the temple.

According to IsL source, Nation Online, Omokri further wondered what christ would have done to politicians like Obi for ‘chasing votes’ in the church.

He said: “Peter Obi is not visiting churches for God, or Christ, or to win souls, or to grow spiritually. he goes to churches for votes. christ made a whip and chased money changers from the temple. what do you think he would do to politicians chasing votes in the temple? #tableshaker.”

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