January 28, 2023

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged the people of Katsina State, especially Dumurkol and Daura, to vote for Tinubu.

The President, who spoke at the governorship campaign of the Katsina candidate, Dikko Radda, in Dumurkol, also charged them to vote for other candidates. He said voting the party from top to bottom would be a way of appreciating the party for giving the leadership of the country to one of them for good eight years.

Represented by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu, the President said anyone who had defected from the party to another party should not deserve their vote because the person had left the platform that honoured both Daura and Katsina State by presenting Buhari as candidate twice and successfully.

Shehu said he had no doubt the ongoing campaign is a journey of success, adding: “I work with some people in the campaign train and they proved that they have capacity and they will never fail.

“Coming to campaign here is just to thank the people of Dumurkol because they need no lecture on whom to vote for to succeed President Buhari in 2023.”

Shehu added: “President Buhari said, ‘vote for Asiwaju and Shettima, Dikko Radda and Jobe for governor and also vote for Nasiru Sani as your senator and other legislators’.

“Vote for APC from top to bottom. Whoever comes here after decamping to another party and says he is with President Buhari, he is not with President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Every individual from Dumurkol or Daura or Katsina will market APC and anybody contesting under any other party should not be campaigned for because Nigeria has given Dumurkol, Daura and Katsina State what other states wanted to have and they never got because over 200 million Nigerians chose someone from this domain to lead the country for eight years.

“Nigerians have done everything to this community, Daura and Katsina State. So, nobody can shame him here.

“President Buhari has done everything to Daura and Katsina State. Just yesterday, we were on the road when I saw a trailer with a load of irons for railway tracks to be laid from Daura to Katsina, to Maradi and by God’s grace, by the end of this administration, train services will start from Kano to Daura.”

The District Head of Dumurkol, who is President Buhari’s nephew, Alhaji Musa Haro, assured Nigerians that the people of Daura and Katsina State will vote massively for Tinubu.

Haro also said they will vote Dr. Dikko Radda for governor, describing him as the only credibleble governorship candidate for 2023 election in the state.

“I know Dikko Radda for over 30 years when we were in Kaduna back in 1993. He is humble, honest and a very good person and he values relationships and can govern Katsina very well.

“He was a local government chairman under the late Governor Yar’Adua. He was the first chairman that constructed a road, more than 20 kilometres. He built schools, and hospitals and started women empowerment.

“Dr Dikko has the capacity. He was the Director-General of SMEDAN (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria). Look at what he did across the country; the people of Katsina State are very lucky to have such a credible person as a candidate under APC.

He is a PhD holder, a lecturer and a career banker. So, he has all the qualities. Look at what happened during the primary, about nine aspirants contested for the ticket on the platform of APC, but the people decided.

On Tinubu, Alhaji Haro said: “We don’t even need Tinubu to come to Katsina. Look at what he did in Lagos, look at his network across the country.

“When he was a governor in Lagos, he transformed the state. So, I believe it’s just a tradition, Asiwaju has to come to Katsina for campaign, but in our base here in Katsina, take it from me, Asiwaju is going to win with a high number of vote Insha Allah.”

The APC governorship candidate, Dr Radda Dikko, promised to transform the state, empower women and youth and provide infrastructure development across the state, IsL source, Nation Online reports

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