April 1, 2023

A doctor known as maxvayshia has narrated his experience with a female patient who wanted a nurse to attend to her.

He narrated that a female patient walked into his consultation room and refused to lay her complaint because he wasn’t a female doctor.

He further revealed that he did not bother to encourage her as he rather told her to come back when female doctors would be available.

In his words:”This girl walked into my consultation room and refused to say what her presenting complaint was cos “She expected to see a female Doctor”.
Didn’t even bother encouraging her.

“Told her to come back when a female Doctor will be on seat (February 18th). I don’t have time.”

Reacting to the post, Kayyler said: “So you’re telling me that you as a medical doctor, got offended that a woman felt safer seeing a female doctor and then sent her away instead of providing her with the safe space she needed by referring her to one?, and you’re a doctor?”.

NnenneEzeah wrote: “Don’t understand what his choices were? There was no female doctor on call and he told her when one wud be available. Those saying he dinna try shd tell us what he coudda done to manufacture a lady doc for her. He shd try and convince her to share her symptoms or what?”.

Chriskata1 added: “But it’s her choice to see a female doctor … you are just antagonizing at this point. The goal is for her to be comfy!!”.

Source: Theinfong

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