April 1, 2023

He believes our daughter was born prematurely. She’s now 5 and very smart. My husband can move mountains for her. His love for her is out of this world. She goes to expensive schools and has everything she wants. Her biological father died when she was just one year old.

My problem is that the biological father’s sister has been blackmailing me for the past three years. Her brother told her everything before he died. I pay her monthly to buy her silence. My problem now is that she’s becoming greedy. She says the price of food and transport has gone up and she wants an increase. I just can’t afford to pay her more.

I’m stressed like nobody’s business because if my husband finds out, I don’t know what he’ll do to me and my daughter. The solution I have is scary, and I don’t want to go through that route again. Please help me, family. I need less risky ideas.


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