January 28, 2023

Popular thespian and comedian, Chigul has revealed that she got married as a virgin at the age of 33.

She disclosed this while reacting to a post made by Basketmouth’s ex-wife on women marriage and children some weeks after her husband made their separation known.

She said;

“We were not perfect, there were good days I won’t lie. It just got to a place where we both didn’t care anymore. I have been made to believe that it was my job to keep that afloat and the fact that it sank, I take on my head.

Would I have changed anything about it? No, because it happened for a reason. I’m happy it happened at one year with no children and no attachments. I married at 33, I married a virgin. That was my first ever anything and it was supposed to be special and last.”

Source: Theinfong

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