April 1, 2023

A Ghanaian woman disclosed a domestic issue with her husband’s cash allocation that is upsetting her.

She bemoaned the fact that while her husband provides money for his parents’ maintenance and other expenses, he does not do the same for her parents..

She claimed that she persuaded him to understand that she disapproved of the fact that he does not offer any money to her parents, mother, or siblings.

She proposed that they set up a rotating system in which they transfer money to each of their parents once a month.

The man, however, rejected the suggestion and told her that she should give her own parents from the GHc4500 he gives her monthly.

She wrote:

“Something is bothering me and I need y’all help quick.So I’m married and I’m about to have my first baby, I’m not really working tho but my husband is. He earns 20000gh+ monthly (including his business income).

So he give me 4500 monthly, give his parents 2000gh each plus his younger brodas…and sisters. But there’s one thing bothering me and that’s he doesn’t give my parents and brothers and sisters money too. I told him we have to be doing it rotational, atleast if u give your parents money this month, the next month will go to my parents but he said he’s not going to accept that.

He said if I want to give my parents money, I should do that from the money he give me every month and u know things are costly. The money sef he give me is not even enough and he’s saying I should give my parents money from there. What should I do now?”

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