April 1, 2023

A video shared online shows Actress Alison Brie who decided to help her husband Dave Franco ease his anxiety ahead of their new movie premiere by showing up at his hotel room door buck naked.

Brie and Franco cowrote the Amazon rom-com Somebody I Use to Know, with Franco directing and Brie in the lead role.

Brie’s naked body is on the movie poster and she recreated the nude moment at the hotel where she and her husband are staying ahead of the movie premiere.

On the night of the premiere, Brie stripped naked and is seen running through the halls without clothes until she arrives at their hotel door and knocked for her husband to open.

When he answers the door, Franco who thought his wife was showering, laughs, then tells her to get out of the hall.

Franco is seen looking over his shoulder at the other people in the room witnessing this moment.

The video which was taken by Brie’s makeup artist Clarissa Anya Rubenstein was shared on Instagram.

Brie captioned it: “What to do when your husband is feeling anxious about his movie premiere.”

Watch the video.


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